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Outdoor Cooking

We are stockists of the following outdoor cooking and smoking products:


Esse Firestone



British made wood fired ovens from £1,140
High quality garden oven for pizza, roast meats and baking. These quickly and easily reach the high temperatures needed for authentic pizza.


Kamado Joe



Ceramic charcoal burning kamado grills from £396
Perfect for low and slow BBQ cooking, these will run for many hours on a single load of charcoal at 100 °C or less but also versatile enough to sear at over 350 °C.






Portable wood burning cook-stove from £300
Ideal for camping, picnics or trips to the beach, the OZPig is highly portable and will keep you warm as well as cooking your food.


Bradley Smokers



Automatic hot or cold smokers from £363
The original automatic smoker for perfect consistent results. Digital models give precise control of oven temperature, oven time and smoking time.